Progress Report - July 2011

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Now, let's recap the changes in Dino's physique and condition over the past several months, shall we?

November 2010

Fat, hairy, belligerent, etc.

March 2011
Less fat, still hairy, full of 'tude. 

July 2011

Slick, shiny, perfect weight, lack of butt muscles and common decency.

Our goals for the coming months:

- Maintain weight
- Increase muscle in hindquarters and topline
- Strengthen stifles
-Instill an understanding of which body parts are and are not appropriate to show when having your photo taken

If anyone has any fun ideas for flatwork exercises, stretches, or other activities that will help us get totally ripped, give us a shout in the comments!


  1. AH!! DINO. LOOKS. AWESOME! As a fellow "my horse is broken" human, I honestly can't say how happy I am to see him like this! It gives me hope! Eeeee... so excited! Go Dinosaur!

    As for the stifles, lots of hill work, transitions and last summer when we thought Digby had stifle problems (his LF issues originally showed up behind) I did pole work and lotssss of transitions because trail rides are basically out of the question for us. Backing in hand (as long as Dino isn't a sneaky pony and cheat by raising his head or backing sideways) also helps!


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