PONY'TUDE Approved - Bug Spray

Today, I decided to start a new feature.

It's called, PONY'TUDE APPROVED! (cue wild cheering)

In these featured blog posts, I will write about pony-related products that are fantastic, useful, brilliant, or just really fun. Each item will be, naturally, PONY'TUDE APPROVED. Are you excited? I am!!

Today, seeing as how we're now in the middle of summer and there are horrid blood-sucking miniature beasts plaguing everyone within the 50 states of America, and probably other places, I would like to share with you what is possibly the greatest bug spray on the face of the earth.

No No-See-Um spray was recommended to me by my friend Katie (HI KATIE!) who has spent quite a lot of time in Florida, where they have bugs bigger than my car. One day when I was lamenting to her how bad the bugs at the barn were this year, she suggested I try the No No-See-Um spray. So I logged onto their website (if you live outside of Florida, you have to order online) and ordered the smallest bottle. After giggling at the hilarious packaging, I spritzed some on and went to the barn.

This stuff SERIOUSLY WORKS. I was not bothered by one single gnat, mosquito, or biting fly that evening, and haven't been since I started using the spray. As a bonus, it's made with all-natural plant oils, is safe to use on and around animals, and smells good! I'm sold, and if you're looking for a good bug repellent spray to use this summer that doesn't involve dousing yourself with scary chemicals, I hope you'll give No No-See-Um a try!

You can check it out here: www.nonoseeum.com

And, FYI, I am not receiving any funds or incentives from the people at No No-See-Um, I just think their bug spray rocks and wanted to share.


  1. This will be part of my ritual the next camping trip we do...

  2. i am ordering this right away!!! thanks Allison and Dino for the great product recommendation:)
    Lauren and Dillon


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