Slowly Coming Together: A House Update

Since there hasn't been any riding going on around here, there has been a LOT of work on the house! While the changes aren't immediate or incredibly dramatic, every hour of work or little bit of progress helps me feel like we're getting closer to where we want to be with things. Any time someone asks me how it's going, I just tell them it's "slowly coming together," and that does seem to be the best way to describe the steady work we've been doing.

Living room after the first coat of color! Trim is still sporting just a single coat of primer.
Aaaaaand fully painted! But Pre-razor-blade on the windows. It's still a bit of a construction zone. 
The living room has been seeing the bulk of our efforts, and the cold, empty space it once was has transformed significantly into a much cozier room with the addition of a much more modern ceiling fan, the removal of the huge mirror, and walls the color of tea with milk.

Just to remind you... this is what we were working with! 
Michael has also been hard at working building a unique "entertainment center" to flank our new TV, featuring a faux-barnwod backdrop and the beginnings of a sleek floating shelf for the stereo equipment:

I love that this wood is FAKE. That means NO CENTIPEDES WILL COME CREEPING OUT OF IT IN THE NIGHT. Unlike in our last apartment...

We've ALSO gone and done a super-adulty thing and ordered a custom-made sectional sofa for the living room! I am PUMPED about this one and can't wait for it to get here. The center grey fabric below will be the body of the couch, and the two on the sides will be made into pillows:

Why yes, I do like navy, why do you ask?
As the living room slowly takes shape, I've turned my attention to the foyer, which has gotten a coat of lovely medium blue-grey paint and bright white trim:

Those ugly panels to the side of the front door will go white, too! 
So, that's what we've been up to here in Ponyville! I'm hoping to return to our regularly scheduled pony-centric programming soon! 


  1. The house is looking GREAT! We have a grey sectional with navy pillows and I LOVE IT.

  2. Nothing screams adulting like a custom sectional! The house is looking fab 😁

  3. It's a big project but the house is looking GREAT! Can't wait to see a walkthrough when it's all done!

  4. Looking so good! Feel free to bring the painting party to my house when you're done.

  5. Renos are fun for like... three days. Then they're just annoying haha. It looks great tho - it's always nice to do the house projects during the winter.

  6. looking good. Housewarming party for bloggers say when Spring comes around again? :) Give the pup and pony pats for me!

  7. looks great, really clean and fresh looking but still inviting and homey!

  8. Coming along great! Isn't it incredible what a couple coats of paint can do?

  9. That floral cushion is going to be so fetch.

  10. Things are looking great! Can't wait to see it finished.

  11. I smile real big with every one of your house posts. I love your style! The progress y'all are making is so amazing and fun to follow along with. Nesting, even if it involves as much work as y'all are putting in, is so fun (in my weird opinion haha, but I love home improvements). I can't wait to see it finished.


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