Better Late Than Never: 2017 Goal Review

An unintended, delightful consequence of chasing my goals: year end awards! 
Man, you guys. This whole full-time-job-at-which-I-can't-blog-during-the-day and also house-which-I-must-paint is really challenging my post output! Even though I haven't been writing much here, Dino and I are still plugging along on our dark winter rides and trying to haul out for a lesson, indoor school, or trail ride on the weekends. It's definitely not ideal, but as with most things in life, I'm bound and determined to make the best of it.

At a recent lesson, my trainer asked me what my goals were for this season, and at the time, I honestly didn't know. I've harnessed a few brain cells to start considering it since then, and decided to start with a review of the goals I set for us last year:

1. Foxhunt at least 4 times. Sadly this goal was a fail even though I joined the hunt as a groom this year. Dino got injured with a nasty laceration at the end of October, and we only got to go roading once and hunt twice this season. Bummer. 

2. Trail ride off-property once a month. This, again, was not such a success. While I was sure to make time for hacks at home to keep Dino's mind fresh and did ride out with friends a bit, we didn't get out to the parks as much as I wanted! 

3. Jump a BN stadium course again (or equivalent jumper course) at a show with no jump penalties. I'd call this one a win! During my failed return to BN at Burgundy Hollow, we absolutely nailed the stadium course. 

4. School max-height BN XC fences again. A partial victory here. While we did have one XC lesson this season during which we schooled several BN elements, and managed to get over a few of them at Burgundy, jumping the house at the horse park nearly gave me a coronary and I was nowhere near confident enough to tackle many of the 'bigger' fences without peeing my britches. 

5. Score under 30 in eventing dressage or 68% or higher in straight dressage. HELL TO THE YES. CRUSHED IT. 

6. Keep Dino happy, healthy, and looking half his age. Check! Homeboy was fit as a fiddle and happy in his work this year!

7. Compete in a hunter derby or hunter trials - on the flat AND over fences. That's a no.

8. Ride bareback and bridleless (neck rope only) around our entire property, w/t/c. I definitely am able to do this bareback, but bridleless riding was a major failure as soon as Dino discovered that I have absolutely no control without at least a halter on his head. Ah, well. 

And what about the reach goals??

1. Compete in First Level dressage Nope... but maybe this year?

2. Complete a BN Event Derby Nooooope! 

3. School Novice XC & Stadium Fences We DID school some 3' stadium fences this year, so I'd call this a partial victory! Novice-size XC fences still make me want to cry.

4. Complete a BN HT With No Jump Penalties I made a solid effort, but alas, XC was once more a hot mess express. 

2017 was an awesome year of comebacks for us, and while some of the goals I set went un-acheived, I'm more than satisfied with what we did accomplish this past year! Stay tuned for 2018's goals! 


  1. Totally nailed it with some of those goals!! WTG Alli and Dino!

  2. Maybe you didn't complete them all, but you definitely improved on everything on this list! Plus, that's just more stuff to work toward this year. Can't wait to follow along!

  3. one of the things i admire most about you is your willingness to keep trying and keep challenging yourself - and this year saw some HUGE payoffs from all that dedication! those dressage scores tho! those BALLER runs at fair hill!!!!!! looking forward to seeing what you put forth for 2018, and i seriously hope i can be there to watch you crush it again!!!

  4. Even if some things were a miss, you guys still accomplished quite a bit and continue to tick the needle in the right direction!


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