2POINTOBER: Prizes and Baseline Times!

I hope y'all remembered to get your baseline times in by midnight last night, because entries are officially CLOSED for 2017's Two Point Challenge!

While Emma has done a freakin' awesome job at being our hostess with the mostest, I've not been slacking off my co-hosting duties entirely. (Though kinda mostly. Sorry guys.)

When Emma asked me to co-host the challenge with her this year, I brainstormed some new prize ideas to freshen up the incentives. Because I know what horse people want. They want STUFF WITH THE WORD 'CHAMPION' EMBROIDERED ON IT.

So I ordered y'all some sweet Champion and Reserve custom-embroidered saddle pads and I am SO excited to share photos once they arrive! Add in some bathtime goodies and a trusty bottle of aspirin for your aching bodies, and you'll be duly rewarded for your blood, sweat and tears.

At this point we have the following baseline times and will be going through and collecting times for anyone who submitted late Wednesday night. Best of luck to you all!

RiderBlogBaselineWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
AmandaBel Joeor0:25
Anxious EventerAnxious Eventer2:36
Bee TeaRiding to B3:00
BethA Truby in Tucson                                         0:23
BrittA House on a Hill5:04
CathrynTwo and a Half Horses
ChelseyHorseback Writing
Emily Frank5:38
Topaz Dreams                                                 
Jay Alexander
KaityThe Repurposed Horse
KateRosePeace & Carrots
KCThe Pilgrim Chronicles
L WilliamsViva Carlos
Laura Anne1:11
MandyThe Everything Pony3:00
MeganPhoebe the Freebie0:20
Megan KGo Big or Go Home
MollyOne Bud Wiser2:09
NiamhThe misadventures of a girl and her OTTB
OliviaDIY Horse Ownership
SaraThe Roaming Rider
SarahOAutonomous Dressage
SarahWMy Red Mare2:00
StephanieHand Gallop
Susan Friedland SmithSaddle Seeks Horse
TeresaJourney with a Dancing Horse1:44
TracyFly On Over1:45


  1. I am so freakin excited about these prizes :D and kinda wish I could win on myself!! We did in fact get quite a few more baselines throughout the course of the day yesterday too so I can pull together the final lists shortly! Much excitement!!

  2. Alli, I sent my time to Emma yesterday, but it's 2:43 if you want to update this:)

  3. I assumed Emma had a master spreadsheet and just posted my time on her blog.

    1. Oh she does. She's the Queen of All Data. I'm just here to give y'all pretty prizes and good-natured ribbing.


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