2Pointober Official Roster!

In case you missed it on Emma's blog, we have the final list of everyone participating along with baseline times! Special thanks to Emma, Queen of All Data.

Guys. We are SERIOUSLY. IMPRESSED. Y'all have brought it this year and are clearly in it to win it with some of the most aggressive baseline times yet. Special shout-out to my friend Jen's two young lesson students, who while not participating formally here, clocked in an insane 24:15 baseline time. WHAT?! 

All told, we've got the following stats rounding out the baseline competition -- with well over an hour of total 2pt held by competitors as a group:

# of Participants31
Total Minutes of 2pt71
Longest held 2pt5:38
Average 2pt2:30
Median 2pt2:06

As for the individual competitors, please take a close look at the table below to check that we captured all your information correctly. If you believe you logged a baseline but do not see your information here let us know in the comments!

AmandaBel Joeor0:25
Anxious EventerAnxious Eventer2:36
Bee TeaRiding to B3:00
BethA Truby in Tucson0:23
BrittA House on a Hill5:04
ChelseyHorseback Writing2:47
Emily Frank5:38
FigTopaz Dreams0:07
J. AlexanderIt's Cosmic2:00
KaityThe Repurposed Horse4:07
KateRosePeace & Carrots2:24
KCThe Pilgrim Chronicles2:37
L WilliamsViva Carlos5:25
Laura Anne1:11
MandyThe Everything Pony3:00
MeganPhoebe the Freebie0:20
Megan KGo Big or Go Home3:13
MollyOne Bud Wiser2:09
Nadia3day adventures with horses4:40
NiamhThe misadventures of a girl and her OTTB2:43
Nicole SharpZen Baby1:58
OliviaDIY Horse Ownership1:17
SaraThe Roaming Rider0:32
SarahOAutonomous Dressage2:05
SarahWMy Red Mare2:00
TeresaJourney with a Dancing Horse1:44
TracyFly On Over1:45

Additionally, even if you're not participating in the challenge this year, take a close look above to see if there are any new-to-you blogs. This list has been updated since we last published it and there are new entries!

Finally, some notes on reporting your progress each week:
  • Emma and I will have reminder posts up either over the weekend or on Mondays to report your weekly progress
  • In the comments, let us know your longest time each week
  • This will be tracked in posts throughout the month
  • In addition to reporting on the longest times each week, we'll also be measuring improvement by rider
  • Also keep an eye out for tips and tricks to make the most of your practice!!

Happy 2ptober everyone!


  1. So excited the contest has finally begun lol - now I need to start logging my own times!

  2. Love seeing all the contestants and being able to read their blogs :)


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