Team Orchard Hill Is On The Road Again

I will never, ever, ever get sick of this view. Magical. 
....Because it's roading season. Get it? On the road??



The foxhunting season is officially almost here with the start of roading this week! The whole Orchard Hill crew was up and at 'em early Wednesday morning for our first hunt outing of the year, and it was glorious.

Cameo by Sully and my Barn Mom. Love them!! 
The riding itself was pretty tame, being the first time out this season for everyone, but the territory was stunningly gorgeous. It was like riding through a picture-perfect English countryside estate. We trotted through fields lined with lush green trees, past stone walls, and alongside trickling creeks. Like most early-morning rides out with the hunt, it was downright magical.

Dino was, of course, a total professional the entire time. While he was a very eager beaver once we got trotting and I did wish a few times that I'd remembered to switch to the slow twist, it was nothing that a few emphatic half-halts couldn't fix. He trucked along like the perfect hunt pony he is.

I can't wait to see what adventures we'll have hunting this year!


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