Mental Health Day

It's important for horses and humans to make time for fun and relaxing activities, which is why I trail ride with my friends as much as I can!

While we don't have proper trails adjacent to our property, there are loads of places nearby that we can haul out to for trail riding. This past Sunday, we loaded up Dino and Sully to check out the trails at the Horse Park.

I've been to countless shows, schooling outings, and events at our local horse park, but never had a chance to explore the trail system. It was great to ride the trails with someone who knew them well, and we had a blast getting to know some new riding spots!

Dino absolutely loves trail riding, and he was also SUPER pumped to be back on the XC course, which we had to ride through as we made our way towards the trail head. We popped over a couple baby logs on the way, and Dino could barely contain his excitement! He was totally wired, and every time Sully picked up a trot in front of him, Dino would burst into a canter. On-purpose canters were an exercise in half halts and not running headlong into Sully's rear end, and avoiding passing Sully and galloping off into the sunset, never to be seen again. Despite his rabid enthusiasm, I did manage to keep him in check, and we had some great canters down the beautiful paths in the park.

Both Dino and I had a wonderful time celebrating the coming spring and spending a Mental Health Day out on the trail with good friends. One of the blessings of riding is being able to forget the rest of the world for a few hours, and soak up the special experience of riding out on a good horse alongside friends you love. It's a unique and special peace that I certainly could never live without.


  1. There really is nothing like it. Glad you were able to get out there with friends.

  2. My riding bff and I were just talking about hauling out for a trail ride, I have no idea what it will be like as Ramonster has never been on a true trail.

  3. That is my version of a mental health day! Unfortunately Ries thinks that is the most challenging mental day. Hopefully the new horse will want to go on trails!


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