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Learning is an uphill climb!
Dino and I have had a couple more uneventful snow rides since this weekend, but in the meantime, I've been impatiently checking our local horse trials websites for 2016 schedules and scoping out opportunities for eventing clinics nearby.

Turns out, there are quite a lot of educational events with some really great trainers coming up over the next few months! One thing I absolutely love about living in Eastern PA is that we are virtually surrounded by some of the best equestrians in the country. The hard part is trying to pick and choose which clinics to attend!

Marilyn Payne - S dressage judge, 4* eventing judge, and mother of eventing superstars Doug and Holly Payne, as well as an accomplished competitor in her own right, is holding a series of jumping clinics at her farm in New Jersey this winter. She's also hosting a XC tuneup day in early April. A few years ago I had the pleasure of watching Marilyn give Buck Davidson a dressage lesson, and I would love the opportunity to have her wise and experienced eyes on Dino and I! Plus, her clinics are affordable and only about an hour's drive away.

Laine Ashker - 4* event rider and social media queen is coming to another nearby New Jersey farm this spring for a 2-day clinic. I have heard great things about her teaching style from riders of all levels, and really enjoy the videos of jump and dressage exercises she posts on Instagram on a near-daily basis. Riding with Laine is definitely high on my list!

Bobby Costello is another clinician coming to our area in the next few months. As an Olympic eventer, Rolex and Burghley veteran, and USEF and USEA committee member, Bobby has a lifetime of knowledge and experience in eventing. When I worked at USEF, I had a lot of interactions with Bobby, and he made a huge impression on me by always being kind, friendly, and appreciative of the "little people" like me. While his clinic is the most expensive, he's a coach I would love to ride with!

Moving along to the sandbox, Janet Foy is yet another world-class rider who will be teaching in our area in the coming months. Janet holds both her "S" and "I" dressage judge designations for both USEF and FEI competitions, and has earned her Gold Medal. She'll be coming to a farm in Maryland this spring, and I would love to get some help from her in our flatwork! I've also had several very positive interactions with Janet in the past while I was a USEF employee helping run the National Dressage Championships, and she always impressed me as a kind, friendly, and sincere person.

With so many opportunities for learning and coaching from the best of the best, It's hard to choose which events to attend! Ultimately, it will come down to budget and time, but I hope to at least audit several of these clinics to help keep my eventing education moving forward.

Do you have any clinics on your schedule?


  1. ps. Jimmy Wofford has one day jump clinics near me for $100! I think I'm doing the one in March. Also, I might come audit the Lainey clinic -- Stacey is taking Klein!

  2. I watch Janet Foy on youtube and I love her. I'm like a stalker fan, so you should definitely go to that one.

  3. Jealous! I don't think so/I don't know how to find them lol

  4. No clinics coming up for me but I have heard good things about Laine! She teaches a lot in Lousiville at a farm there but I never got to audit.

  5. We have Hawley Bennett coming to the barn in March, and I'm signed up for that one! She ran an awesome clinic last year so I refuse to miss out this year. There are some other local clinics too, but it's a big financial commitment so I will probably just end up watching a lot of them.

  6. Um, I vote all of them? And can I come audit/take pictures?!

  7. I'm not big into clinics, but I am working on a 2016 show schedule already lol

  8. i definitely need moar clinics in my life! all of these sound amazing too! (but why are so many held during the week? ugh...)


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