Already Itchy

Get ready for so many ears shots featuring me walking my pony bareback through mud! 
Winter is a tough season. Even with the phenomenally warm weather we've been having, I've still already taken my riding down several notches.

Since our farm doesn't have a proper arena with footing in it, I'm limited in what I can do based on the conditions of the fields, which are currently Quite Wet And Slippery, and there isn't much hope in them drying out for a long while.

Jumping at home is pretty much done until springtime. While Dino and I did hop over a few small singles the other week, the wet ground really isn't safe for much more than that at this point. Even jumping small fences at a trot or conservative canter isn't really productive when I can't "Land & Gallop" afterwards! I can still do flatwork and hack out, but jumping is off the schedule for now.

We're both already getting itchy about it.

When I jumped Dino over those few little fences recently, his enthusiasm was through the roof and it was obvious that he missed jumping on a regular basis! I surprised myself with how easily I was seeing distances, and how confident I was despite not having jumped much since early in November.

But the thought of three more months without jumping even a little bit is killing me!

Unfortunately with the EHV-1-induced lockdown, we are grounded for what will likely be the rest of the winter. My barn owner's vet has cautioned us to stay home until March, and while it seems like an eternity, it's worth my pony's health and safety.

But that means no trips to indoors, no hunting, no lessons. Which is a huge bummer!

So, we are going to be doing a LOT of walking and general hacking and fitness work this winter. All around the property, up hills, down hills, around in circles, as much as we can. And hopefully the footing cooperates enough to do some dressage work from time to time, too.

Even so, I'm already itchy.


  1. That's a bummer that you guys are essentially "grounded". Better safe than sorry though!

  2. Denny Emerson would be suck a big fan of this plan.

  3. *Such. Such. My brain is clearly in winter suck mode.

  4. Bummer, but it will make the arrival of Spring even better!

  5. Aw it sucks to be grounded at home, but good to be safe. I'm sure you can make your "home"work interesting :)

  6. ugh winter is pretty much the worse. our arenas are still rideable for now (and will hopefully stay so longer into the season with the new footing) but once those go we'll be in the same boat. crappy :(

  7. Hacks will keep the mind stress free and the body supple!


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