Roll With It

We unfortunately didn't get the saddle - apparently it just wasn't meant to be! But now my husband feels really bad about it and is on a "I want you to have nice things!" jag, and so we're going to start seriously shopping around, which is fun! Just need to re-route our savings plan a little bit to pay for it, which will all work out. I feel better about being able to test ride something before buying, in any case. And so, so happy I'm married to a guy who realizes that saddles are much better expressions of love than expensive jewelry.

This week... is turning out to be nutty as far as actually getting to ride my pony the week before a horse trial. Sunday I was up at the clinic and so didn't get to ride, yesterday I was all over God's green earth on work appointments and didn't even walk in the door til after 7pm, so no ponytime. Today I will get to ride (FINALLY) but tomorrow everyone's getting fall shots, so no riding. Heh. This will be interesting. The up-side to having vaccination day on Wednesday is that I can take my usual riding time and use it to clip Dino. Please pray that my clippers behave. I got brand-new blades a couple months ago that actually seem to sit better than the original ones, so I'm hoping there will be no fur-clogging with them. And I also ordered a very nice 100g waterproof blanket from Chick's Saddlery for a whopping $50, so we can go full steam ahead with the clipping! They are still having an incredible pre-season blanket sale, so I strongly suggest you check it out of your horse needs some new clothes! The blanket I got goes for over $100 regular price, so there are some good deals to be had. My old blankets are still a week out from being done, ugh. That's the last time I use that tack shop for blanket cleaning.

But whatever happens... we roll with it!


  1. I'd also prefer pretty tack to expensive jewelry :)

  2. You'll find the right saddle!

  3. Right who needs jewelry, I recently got some really nice paintbrushes which I expressed were better than any bracelet.

  4. ooooh exciting about the saddle! happy hunting :)

  5. Hey, good things come to those who wait, right?!


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