Got A Good Thing Going

the calm before the storm...

With the way last week was going, I was only able to ride Dino every other day, which amounts to just three times since our lesson. But if the quality of those rides is any indication of where we're headed with what we've learned so far, really good things are in store for us!

thinking about all the things he's learned...
Wonder Pony was an absolute rock star on Saturday morning. He came out in a great mood, ready to work, and was forward and soft in my hands from the very beginning. Upward transitions were prompt and balanced, and I felt overall that I was doing less and getting better work out of Dino. I had also set up the trot pole - jump - one stride - pole exercise from our lesson that we had had some trouble with.

And Dino totally NAILED IT. I only went through the exercise twice because he jumped it absolutely perfectly. I was so excited that he not only remembered the exercise, but was confident enough to take us through it with minimal direction on my part. So good!

On Monday this week we were able to ride again, and Dino came out of the field feeling a little "blah." I knew I couldn't expect anything super spectacular out of him that day, and we did indeed have to have a bit of an argument about how a walk break does not mean that he is done for the day. However, I kept up my commitment to the contact for the most part, and was rewarded with some really really nice flatwork. I'm so excited with how much more rideable Dino is becoming already, just by changing something as small as how I go about getting him ready to work. I could feel by the end of the ride that I was getting to the end of his "dressage brain", so scheduled a field ride for Tuesday.

You're not seeing things, I AM this adorable. 

We spent some time doing trot and canter sets, and just chilling and enjoying the warm fall day. We got through three trot sets and 2 and a half canters until I got tired and decided it was time to go home. Dino is fitter than I am at this point! He also found a really great rhythm out in the field, and it was cool to be able to just sort of set the cruise control and let him roll along. I also managed to squeeze in a ride on Jeannette's cute little TB mare, Hugs, since my poor friend is stuck traveling for work for the next few weeks. Hugs was a very good girl, and super fun to ride. Hopefully I'll be able to get her out for a field ride soon, too!

Today is a gross, rainy day, but the dentist is coming to do all the ponies' teeth anyway, so no riding in any case. Thanks Mother Nature for your excellent planning.


  1. Yes, thank you Mother Nature for your planning, although I'm completely convinced Mother Nature has been drunk for the better part of this year :P
    LOVED your caption "you are not seeing things, I AM this adorable." :)

  2. aw Dino is such a good boy! and canter and trot sets sound like the perfect way to work through a case of the blahs

  3. He really is the most adorable huggable sport pony ever.


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