Goals Conquered, New Horizons Ahead

The best old man. 
I hope you all enjoyed my 10-year review! Now it's time to take a closer look at 2019, and start planning ahead for the rest of 2020: the things I aimed for, what we achieved, and the goals set before us in the new year.

So, what did I hope to accomplish in 2019, how did I do? Let's have a look...

  • Keep Dino fit, sound, happy, and healthy. As always, this is my #1 priority for the old man. CHECK! The old man is lookin' FINE as we head into what will be his 22nd year!
  • Show at 1st Level at least 3 times. SUPER CHECK! We showed five times at First Level this past year, including qualifying for and competing in the Championship show for our local GMO, and ending the season with a big 3rd place ribbon! 
  • Continue to finesse bareback and bridleless work. Nailed it! I rode tackless a lot over the winter, and added cantering, trot-halt, and rein-back to our repertoire. It still continues to be one of Dino's and my favorite things to do.
  • Trail ride and hunter pace as much as we can. While I didn't get out quite as much as I would have liked, we DID trail ride with friends a few times and competed in two hunter paces this year. I'd call that a win! 
  • Incorporate jumping or poles into our rides on a weekly basis. This was the only thing I feel like I really didn't do. While I did jump Dino occasionally, it definitely was not on a weekly basis! Perhaps in 2020 I'll do a bit better with this one. 
  • Continue taking lessons and attending educational events and clinics as I can afford the time and money. CHECK! We took a few lessons with our regular trainer this year and started riding with Ashley monthly in August. 
  • Go on some "no pressure" cross country schooling outings. We did this twice in 2019, and both times were SO MUCH FUN. 
2020 Goals: Eat more treats. 

2020 is a new year, and while some of the goalposts have moved, a lot of my goals for us this year remain the same: 
  • Keep Dino fit, sound, happy, and healthy. No need to explain, Dino's health and happiness is my top priority. 
  • Show 2-1 once without completely embarrassing ourselves. Scoring 60% would be the highlight of my life. As stated in a previous post, 2020 is the year I'm shooting for 2nd Level. It still seems mostly insane, and a lot of days I don't feel like I'm sitting on a 2nd Level horse yet, but when your pony is coming 22 and still kicking, you've got a great trainer in your corner and nothing to lose, you just GO FOR IT! 
  • Continue lessons with Ashley as often as possible. She has transformed Dino and I beyond belief in just a few months, and I'm eager to keep learning and growing under her instruction. 
  • Do more things that Dino thinks are fun, making time at least once a week for a "fun day." It's easy for me to fall into the routine of working hard at dressage every day - I love the work, I love the quest for perfection, and I could easily over-do it to Dino's detriment. In 2020, I want to make lots of time for trail riding, jumping, and tackless riding! 


  1. You and Dino are such an inspiration ❤️ I look forward to watching you guys smash 2nd level and keep having fun!

  2. Love, love, love watching you two as a pair. Senior dressage horses unite!

    If you have the time/mental space/interest, I'd love to hear about how you incorporate jumping into your schedule when you don't do it regularly. I've been thinking about doing that with Tristan occasionally since he loves it so much, but I find it tough to do poorly and occasionally.

  3. so glad you and Dino are doing so well!! YAY onto 22 years! :) he looks great!

  4. Dude. You SLAYED 2019. Well done!

  5. Such a great year for you guys! Glad you found Ashley, and I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for you!


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