Under Cloak of Darkness

Actual level of darkness that I deal with in the beginning of my rides. Help. Send lights.
While my new job is wonderful in so many ways, the single drawback is that I can't realistically get to the barn before 5pm most weekdays. And at this time of year, that means it's dark.

Like legit, nighttime, pitch black, dark. It is the actual worst.

Since I don't have a lit riding area in any sense and my pony's got to get ridden so all of his muscles don't melt off, I've been riding in the dark.

And surprisingly, this has been going mostly okay.

I keep my rides to 30 minutes at the absolute longest, and work mostly at the walk. If we ride in the jump field (which is now empty of jumps), I can throw in some trot and a tiny bit of canter work, too, in the spots where I know the footing is flat and safe. Dino's been an absolute champ about it all, and while he does have trouble focusing when it's dark out (because someone's got to be on the lookout for the boogeyman) he's really been doing quite well with these limited-visibilty workouts.

It isn't the same as riding in the daylight, and we certainly aren't doing anything groundbreaking or even all that interesting, but I'm getting out there and I'm riding and Dino is getting the attention and exercise he needs.

For now, riding under cloak of darkness will just have to do.


  1. Wow your dedication is amazing. I know Remus would dump my ass in the dark with no lights. (He also looks for said boogeyman LOL). But Dino is such a solid guy. Glad you are getting to ride even getting out later and new job?? Congrats! I saw you hinted at it before. SPRING IS COMING it is almost the shortest day of the year, the days will get longer soon :) HA (Yes i will take anything we can get LOL). He has the cutest ears btw :)

  2. We're SO CLOSE to the days getting longer again. Keep on keepin' on girl, you're inspiring!

  3. You're so brave! I've ridden Rio in the dark a little (in the ring only because EPM...) but never on Jampy without lights. When my lights were out of commission, I picked up a couple rechargeable shop lights for $20 each from Walmart, and they're actually pretty great! They're LED and surprisingly bright. I just sat them on the fence posts. They threw some crazy shadows, but you can aim that down a little to help with that.

  4. OMG, you are the most motivated equestrian I know. I have a nice indoor with lots of lights and I still sometimes whimp out...

  5. I'm so happy that I have lights at my barn. Though I've been sharing the dark with you walking back to the tack room and grooming after the ride. There are tiny solar lights at the base of the crossties but nothing that really counts as actual light. I've been shocked Scarlet hasn't run away from a boogey man or two. Hang in there, the light will return soon!

  6. ugh it really is a huge difference tho from riding mostly in daylight to mostly at night....

  7. Yep. I feel this!

    Dino sounds like he's being an absolute rockstar though. Getting out and doing the thing is the most important part when daylight is so short!

  8. Riding in the dark is so interesting, lately when I've been lazy I've been doing it and I did it at least once with Ramone. At first it can be kinda scary but there is a thrill to it!


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