The Many Talents of Caradino: Wonderpony Extraordinaire

One of the things I love and appreciate most about Dino is that he is one of the most versatile equines I've ever met. Before coming to me, he was a children's show hunter and college lesson program drop-out. Neither career really suited him!

Since coming home to live with me forever, I have subjected Dino to various activities that require him to be adaptable, flexible, and open to new experiences. So far, Dino has been:

A jumper.

how adorable is this wee baby swedish oxer?!

A western pony.

A hunter.

An equitation pony.

An eventer.

A trusty trail pony.

A foxhunter.

A leadline lesson pony.

A dressage pony.

And a bareback-bridleless mount. (he ran away with me. maybe won't try this again.)

Since I'm not super-great at anything, Dino has been a wonderful partner who has allowed me to try a little bit of everything, and have fun doing it. It's really special to have a pony that I can take anywhere and do anything with! I never know what might be next for us, but if anyone has a lead on somewhere that we can try chasing cows, we'd love to give it a go!


  1. What a star pony you have there! Look at all the hats he wears :)

  2. I think every horse or pony should be as versatile as Dino! My dressage horses are regularly subjected to trail riding, western, the occasional crossrail, in hand classes, pony rides, and one very memorable day we tried our hand (hoof?) at pushing cows. Versatility is so important!

  3. I'll tell you what- Gina and I will haul up to PA to go hunting, and you and Dino can hitch a ride back to OK and chase all the cows you want! (And at one hunt fixture you can combine the two!)

  4. It is so fun when you can do all sorts of things :)

  5. I love a horse that can dabble. I don't have big goals anywhere in particular so it's important to me to just have fun with all my options. :-)

  6. He seems like such a fun guy! So nice that he's willing to try all kinds of new things.

  7. So ever since you used his full name I am now so confused. Is it pronounced Dee-no or Dy-no (like dinosaur?) I refuse to admit what I've been thinking it is in case I am wrong

  8. This all looks like so much fun!! My goal has always been to have a well rounded pony. At one point I was thinking that would include jumping but I've given up on that now haha. As long as she can do trail rides, hunter paces, and Dressage and be ridden bareback I'm happy!

  9. Good boy Dino! What a versatile steed you have :)

  10. He's an all round super star!!!

  11. It's so great to have a horse that you can try new things with <3


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