WOW! Wednesday

When you feel so good, you stand perfectly square all on your own.
Guys, I am the proudest pony mama on the planet today!

In addition to being the most perfect rockstar of a foxhunter (more on that fun experience tomorrow!), Dino had his second bodywork/saddle fit appointment yesterday, and his therapist was floored by how much he had changed and improved in just two months' time!

I pulled him out to be muckled, and she exclaimed, "Wow! He doesn't even look like the same pony! He looks great!"

She couldn't believe how much muscle Dino had put on over his entire topline, how his coat had improved, and how much better his overall posture was. After his bodywork, we also re-assessed the saddle fit and took TWO LAYERS OF SHIMS out of his pad! The atrophied spot on the left side of Dino's back is almost completely even with his right side now, and I am beyond thrilled! I wasn't expecting her to see much of a change in him at all, but to see her in awe over Dino's muscling and posture nearly brought tears of joy to my eyes.

HOLY TOPLINE, BATMAN!! Taken the morning after his bodywork. Still feeling awesome!
Dino also responded phenomenally to the manipulations this second time around, and released dramatically all over his body. He was a licking, chewing, yawning, blinking machine! Our bodyworker/wizard zeroed right in on the base of the left side of his neck where he tends to get locked and tight, and really worked that area, as well as the spot on his abdomen right between his front legs. She explained that the more relaxed the muscles in these areas were, the more Dino will be able to lift through his withers. It was fascinating to see him responding to the work right in front of my eyes, lifting his abs and topline and becoming more balanced and comfortable as his muscles relaxed and moved into the right places. I also learned some awesome new massage and stretching techniques to use daily after Dino gets his regular good, hard curry session to help him continue on the path to being the best pony he can be! I'm excited to be able to help improve his comfort and muscling specifically in the areas where he tends to get tight - in his pecs and the base of his neck.

But mostly, I'm just overjoyed with how the work I put into Dino's management continues to help him have a better quality of life. He is 18 and Cushingoid, and part of me is mentally preparing for him to start declining. To stop being able to put on muscle. To only be able to maintain his current strength, training, and fitness instead of improving it. Seeing him make such dramatic improvements in just two months with only one bodywork session, a few felt shims, some happy joint juice, and more alfalfa every day and extra grain on the days he works hard, just fills my heart to bursting. This kind of improvement would be great for any normal, healthy horse. For Dino, it's downright PHENOMENAL. My little WonderPony just keeps getting better and better, against all odds.

I freakin' love this pony, he amazes me every day.


  1. I love this <3 so happy for you guys!

  2. Whoo hoo Dino!! And you too, for your excellent care!

  3. I LOVE bodywork. It is amazing and it works!

  4. He looks SO fit and strong right now!

  5. I think we tend to expect decline too early in these guys. My old man keeps surprising me with what he's able to overcome (he's 20 and nearly died from EPM two years ago).
    It's so awesome Dino is surprising you too! Yay for old man horses!

  6. Best update ever :) Nice work, and go Dino!

  7. Wooo! What an awesome report card!! You should be so proud of the work you're doing with the EuroPony <3 <3 <3

  8. So many people think horses should be retired by his age, but they still have so much to give. Love that you take the steps to keep him going and improving. Bravo! PS small world, your body worker has Cobs. One of which is a full brother to Comrade and Connor. Plus she trained Connor about 5 years ago. So I did a double take when she posted Dino's picture.

    1. Jen and I made that connection after the first time Tara worked on Dino! What a small world!


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