Fair Hill Fun

Look who we found! 
Living in the Mid-Atlantic definitely has its advantages when it comes to access to top-level equestrian competition. Some of the biggest, best show venues in the country are only a couple hours' drive away, and I took full advantage over the weekend and met Emma, and some friends at Fair Hill to watch the CCI*** cross country phase. We even spotted Britt at the coffin complex!

It was a cold, blustery day but we had a ton of fun! We arrived just in time for the start of the 3*, and got to watch several riders go through each part of the course. It just amazes me how EASY they made it look. I mean, check out Phillip Dutton cruising through the first water complex:

Each of those elements pretty much gives me a heart attack on its own, nevermind strung together like that through the water! These riders have some serious skill and way more guts than I can ever hope to have. After watching the 3*, and seeing several jumps in the 2* course, I am resolute in never, EVER wanting to make it to the upper levels! Beginner Novice is just fine for me, thanks!

Yeah, that's a big fat NOPE. 
I also want to give a shout-out to The Equiery magazine for being awesome. They had a cute little tailgate tent sent up alongside the course, and as Emma and I strolled by she did a double-take at the huge, delicious-looking plate of fried chicken sitting out. Seeing our hungry gazes, the rep at the tent told us to help ourselves to the COMPLIMENTARY FOOD AND BEER.

Horses, friends, free fried chicken, snacks, and beer?! COUNT ME IN! We grabbed plates full of goodies and settled in to watch a few riders gallop through. This was definitely one of the highlights of the afternoon! As well as this rather enjoyable moment:

Yes, we are 10 years old at heart.
Fair Hill was a blast, and I only wish we could have gotten there earlier in the day to enjoy it even more! It was inspiring to watch the upper-level riders get it done with such poise, and just a great day spent with like-minded friends!


  1. Loved meeting you and Emma! I seriously hope to be back there next year!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Bloggers make the best friends!

  3. ahhhh i had so much fun hanging out with you!!! and max too, obvi! that course was insane tho... INSANE. crazy how easy they make it look....

  4. Totally jelz of your blogger meet up- looks like a blast! (Also jelz of fried chicken and beer!)

  5. I enjoyed meeting you and hanging out with you and Emma! Agree that the course was crazy!

  6. That picture at the end is super amazing. Sounds like so much fun! :)


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