Back And Ready For Action!

Spent a week gazing out over the water at this loveliness
 Hey there, Blogland, did ya miss me?!

Of course you did. Your lives were significantly less hilarious and had fewer adorable ponies in them while I was away on vacation last week.

I had a great week of sitting on the beach, reading novels, imbibing adult beverages, going for runs on the boardwalk, and eating whatever I felt like. It was pretty glorious.

Lagoon View
But, unfortunately, I have a job and adult responsibilities and bills and furry kids who need me, so I could not run away to the beach forever.

My return to real life began abruptly on Sunday afternoon when a certain Dog got stung on the tail by some sort of malevolent insect, prompting me to freak out that he had a spine injury and take him to the emergency vet. He is, thankfully, fine after receiving a shot full of anti-inflammatory drugs and some dex to take care of any potential allergic reaction. That was one freakin' expensive bee sting.

Dino and I got back to work that evening, and while I was happy to be back in the saddle, homeboy was a little miffed that HIS vacation was over.

"This is what I think of you and your "training" and "riding""
In all honesty Dino was really good for his first ride back after living the retired life for a week. He was quite forward, and the only naughty moments occurred when he tested me a bit, trying to figure out if he still REALLY needed to listen and work. He did. I tried to keep things pretty easy for him, and we ended up doing about 40 mins or so of simple flatwork. Bending, stretching, and transitions. I made myself quit when Dino cantered softly and in some semblance of roundness in both directions instead of giving in to the temptation to keep working. All in all, a very nice first ride back after a well-deserved rest for both of us. We'll have a few more days to continue getting ourselves tuned up, then a lesson at the end of the week!


  1. This perhaps the most random comment ever, but your hair looks really cute in that selfie with your expensive bee sting dog ;)

    1. Thank you! I took that and I was like "wow, this is literally the best selfie I've ever taken."

  2. Best dog selfie ever for sure. What a bummer about the bee sting. Atleast it wasn't something more serious though. Glad you had a good vacation!

  3. Eek I am so afraid of bees. Glad you had a good vacation and your pup was ok :)

  4. yay welcome back from vacation!!! sounds like Dino is ready for more action too :D


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