SFTS Blog Hop: Heart Horse

Everyone's blog hopping it up! I love it! Jenn asks:

Do you currently have your "heart horse"? What makes a "heart horse" to you? If you don't own a horse, have you ever leased a "heart horse"? 

To me, finding your heart horse is like finding your spouse. To be considered a 'heart horse', there needs to be an emotional and spiritual connection in place that doesn't exist with any other animal. I've loved a lot of horses, I've meshed well with a lot of horses, but Dino is my one-and-only 'heart horse'.

Making the exact same expressions in photos since 2010.
I connect with Dino in a different way than any other horse I've known, and have since he was first assigned as my training project in college. He's not just a riding partner, he's my best friend. We 'get' each other, we share the same personality traits, and share a closeness and mutual affection that I've never found with another horse.

We are a Horson.
Our relationship is evident to those around us, too, and I've had many many people remark that Dino and I are a special pair. I forget whether it was Rachel or I who coined the term "horson", but we use it a lot to describe how Dino and I function. One (stubborn, opinionated, difficult-to-live-with) being, two bodies. We just fit together, and Dino is definitely not ever for sale. Ever. So don't even ask!


  1. love the pictures! so great that your and Dino's relationship is even so evident to those around you. i feel like my mare is always trying to tell ppl she hates me lol (but don't believe her, she's lying!)


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