Kind of A Psycho

I like to plan for things.

I mean... I REALLY like to plan for things.

"Things" being exciting events in my life like vacations, hosting parties, and horse shows.

I'm a list maker. Whether it be using pen and paper or the "Notes" app on my Mac and iPhone, making lists makes me feel confident and prepared. I also start this process at least a week in advance of whatever exciting event is coming up, which might make me kind of a psycho.

I may have had a horse-show-prep list started for this weekend since last week, with to-do items beginning Today. Yep. I'm That Person.

An YES I realize it's just a dinky little schooling show right down the road, and it's not like I'm headed to Garden State or anything, but I can't help but obsess a little bit. Today's tasks, by the way, are to jump school if the ring is more footing than water, and clip legs and weird guard hairs.

Yesterday's task was to take selfies with my pony since we were experiencing extreme rain, in which we both make the exact same expression:

Being super-cool and serious. 

Goofy faces.

Cute and coy.

Friendly smiles!


Does anyone else find it weird that we make THE EXACT SAME FACE IN EVERY PICTURE?! That's the true test of horse-rider connection... synchronized selfies.


  1. It's okay... I have a list for horse shows too. I keep it after every show so that I don't forget what to pack. Then I rewrite the list before every single show. :)


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