Visit To Jumperland #2

Dino and I are headed to our second horse show together on Sunday. And this time, WE HAVE A PLAN. We also have Amy, my dear friend, groom extraordinaire, cheering section, and pep-talker. Because of Amy, we pretty much have the whole thing in the bag. I decided to do one more show at the 2' level, even though I feel silly since we jump quite a bit bigger than that at home, but I want to make sure Dino can get his game face on before we start putting the jumps up at shows.

Some things I'll be thinking about:

-Focusing on FORWARD. Forward in the warmup, forward on course, FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD! If I need to go hand gallop around the schooling ring and jump a fence before we go in for each course, I'll do it. My goal is to have Dino awake, lively, and ready to go eat some jumps for breakfast each time we walk into that ring.
-Not taking the scenic route. Since I now know we can survive an entire course and jump-off without peril, I can start asking for some tighter turns, and not sight-see around the arena.
-Being on top of show management. Last show there were some issues with the show office. I now know I need to be waaaaay more proactive about making sure they do the right thing!!

So... here goes nothing!


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