Sometimes You Just Need Your Butt Kicked

Since I've owned Dino, I haven't taken a single riding lesson.

This is not because I know everything there is to know about riding. It's mostly because money is not something I have a lot of just lying around. It tends to get spent on bills and food and mousetraps to evict our 'houseguests', not riding lessons. And since Rachel moved, I haven't even had anyone to tell me I look like a drunk monkey when I need a little constructive criticism.

Enter Cassie, also known as MiniFloof. (don't ask.) She is a dear friend of mine from my post-college lesson barn days in New Jersey, and is now an Equine Studies student at my alma mater, Del Val. Which is conveniently located about 15 minutes from the barn. Cassie is concentrating her studies on Training in preparation for becoming a professional instructor and trainer when she graduates.

Therefore, Cassie needs practice teaching, I need someone to kick my butt, and this becomes the perfect situation.

I got my first "lesson" yesterday morning, and my legs don't know whether to love Cassie or hate her. Riding by myself has led to a certain amount of laziness when it comes to my position, and Cassie zeroed in on my sloppy equitation with tons of stretches, work in two-point, and riding without stirrups. It was amazing to have someone to remind me of all the little details that I don't normally consider, and to help me re-train my muscles so that I can again look like the eq rider I once was. She also coached us over a few jumps (and one INSANE bending line) to help get us ready to hit the jumper ring this summer. By the end of the hour, my leg position had improved 100% and I was feeling muscles that hadn't been worked in a long while.

Dino took everything in stride during one of the longest and hardest workout's he's had in a long while, and felt absolutely fantastic the entire time. He is getting sounder and stronger all the time, and it makes me so happy!

A few goals I have now that Cassie's begun whipping me back into shape:
-Continue daily Pilates workout and add in a few runs per week to improve fitness
-Do some riding without stirrups AT LEAST once a week
-Practice the stretches that made a big difference in position
-Work towards eliminating tension in my body

I'm excited about developing myself as an athlete as well as Dino, and look forward to sharing future improvements with you all!


  1. Awesome!
    And I totally hear you on the money thing; I just had to stop lessoning at B-wood as well. But I figure it's time Sarge learns to jump :D

    Also, we totally need to have a pony playdate/trailride/something someday!

  2. YES!! I don't have a trailer but we'll figure something out!

  3. I vote lessons with Angelo, Poppy/Darwin, & Dino at Grace's once a month in the summer!


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