Remember Me? The Crazy Mom?

People who know me can tell you that I'm generally a pretty chill, laid-back person. I tend not to worry. I don't sweat the small stuff... and it's ALL small stuff. Except for anything involving Dino. In that case, every minor issue is a


Which prompts me to thoroughly research every equine disease and lameness known to man and convince myself that my pony is surely on his deathbed and cry myself to sleep.

I may or may not worry more than the average horse owner.

But let's be honest with ourselves, EVERY horse owner worries about their animals. Especially  if they are high-maintenance, 'special needs' creatures like Dino that require multiple supplements, drugs, special diets, and carefully structured exercise programs to stay healthy and comfortable, it's easy to get trapped in a cycle of constant worry.

On my way home from the barn tonight, stressing out of my mind over some swelling in Dino's hind legs (which is most likely due to skin irritation from all the rain and mud we got suddenly and is probably nothing to get excited about), I realized I worry a LOT more than I need to. I was getting very upset about it all until I thought about a few things:

1. My pony was not enduring any sort of pain or suffering. (except grazing-muzzle-induced frustration)
2. I had done everything I knew to do to ease his condition. (checking for soundness, light exercise, disinfecting his skin, cold hosing, and a little bute)
3. I said a little prayer for him. Nothing like having the Almighty watch over your best buddy.

And at that point.. it came to me.. there was nothing to worry about. Dino will be fine. Really. He will be. Please help me remember that.


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